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Screens2Go offers turn key on site multi-camera, screen and streaming production services. We can also work with your existing production team and provide large screens, satellite uplinks and on- site encoding services if required.

We plan each production to achieve your creative vision. From single camera streaming to high profile multi camera events we have the expertise and equipment to bring your ideas to the viewers.

We also plan and provide the most reliable, cost effective transmission for your content. Our range of transmission services include on-site dedicated internet, 3G/4G cellular data networks, satellite and fibre. We only recommend transmission paths that have been tested and approved.

Screens2Go encoders ingest the video signal via HD and stream at the highest quality multiple bit-rate. We can then live stream to a worldwide audience of unlimited size.

The quality of the production creates the experience. We always shoot in HD and ingest the HD signal directly into our encoders. This ensures you get the best picture and audio quality possible without the price of network television.

Screens2Go works closely with you to create a unique, high impact production and viewer experience.

Call or email us to discuss the production of your event. We will create a custom production plan to realize the vision you have for your event and look forward to delivering with you to your audience.

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