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Screens2Go provides live streaming units including high definition capabilities, streaming connections, uplink units and specialist streaming camera staff.

We use the latest streaming encoders and direct to the viewer services be they online or on the latest smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads.

With always the very latest streaming equipement and Screen2Go developed mobile streaming units it is easy to see the benefits of being amongst the pioneers of live streaming events online and to mobile devices.

Screens2Go has made significant investment into being a leader of live streaming events for over 5 years now. The customers have followed and Screens2Go live streaming services have been utilised for a vast range of events including, motorsport, athletics, show jumping, music, festivals, elections, religious ceremonies, product launches, trade shows and exhibitions.

Screens2Go delivers state of the art streaming equipment, up to date streaming, analysis, evaluation and cost effective solutions for streaming delivery for every event no matter what size.

Screens2Go live streaming implements every aspect of your live stream, ensures it is prepared for with accuracy, and delivered without fuss.

Screens2Go can provide embed tags for you. Just copy and paste to embed the video player on your website. No matter where you embed the Screens2Go live streaming player viewers can share and add social network options with one simple click over email, Facebook, Google+ Twitter and more.

When streams are shared on Facebook walls Screens2Go live streaming will play directly and will play in news feeds when it appears. When people share your stream on Twitter it will play directly in their feeds as well as their followers' feeds.

The Screens2Go live streaming players and network are compatible with the very latest HTML5 (HTTP Live Streaming) and automatically detect the viewers device. The technology creates a seamless user experience across the web including your website, Facebook, Twitter, other online destinations and mobile devices.

Screens2Go can also provide App integration and access to live streams via customer apps and are proud to be a pioneer of this service.

For further details and to discuss any ideas you have for live streaming contact :